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Cosmetic Dentures Dundee

Our bespoke cosmetic dentures are removable false teeth that look and feel fully natural. We create your dentures to extremely precise specifications, leaving you with renewed confidence to smile and eat completely normally.


We recommend cosmetic dentures for patients who:

  • Have two or more missing teeth.

  • Would like to replace old and tired dentures with a newer prosthesis.

  • Feel self-conscious about living with gaps in their teeth.

  • Would like to improve their oral health.


We can create complete dentures to replace a whole row of missing teeth, or partial dentures for addressing two or more gaps in your teeth. Dentures rely on suction to stay in position, giving you the freedom to efficiently chew a variety of foods with different textures.

frequently asked questions

Can I have cosmetic dentures and implants?

Yes. In fact, this is something our dentists are highly skilled at. Using dental implants with dentures offers an unparalleled level of stability, increasing your chewing and biting function significantly. Implant-fixed dentures also stimulate the jawbone, reducing the possibility of recession and unwanted aesthetic changes to the lower face region.

How much are cosmetic dentures?

Our dentures are available from £950 for a single arch. Once your treatment plan has been established, your dentist will deliver a fully costed plan for your approval.

What are cosmetic dentures made from?

Modern cosmetic dentures have come a long way since their very basic design origins of decades ago. Nowadays, they are made from high-strength and long-lasting materials which emulate the appearance and feel of real teeth and gums almost identically.

Do I need to wear my dentures all the time?

You should take your dentures out each night before bedtime to clean them thoroughly. However, we do not recommend taking them out too regularly as this can result in jawbone recession which is problematic for two reasons:

  • Jawbone recession causes an angular chin which can dramatically age the face.

As the jawbone recedes, this can cause your dentures to no longer fit your mouth.

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