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Composite Bonding Dundee

Refresh and breathe youth into your smile with composite bonding. This minimally invasive and fast process uses tooth-coloured composite resin layers, which are gradually placed onto a tooth to improve its appearance. A UV light hardens the resins in place, leaving you with a more visually appealing set of teeth overall.


We recommend composite bonding for patients who:

  • Have cracks and chips in their teeth.

  • Are seeking a minimally invasive treatment to veneers for smile enhancement and improvement.

  • Want to avoid drilling and anaesthetic injections.

  • Would like to feel more confident about their teeth.

  • Have staining on a single tooth that teeth whitening cannot remove.

  • Would like to improve the appearance of several top row teeth.

Would like to fill in small gaps in their teeth.

frequently asked questions

How long does composite bonding last on front teeth?

Your oral health habits and diet will determine how long your tooth looks natural with composite bonding. The average lifespan for the composite resins to remain bonded in place with a natural shade is approximately 4 to 7 years.

How long does composite bonding take?

Composite bonding can usually be performed in a single appointment of one hour.

Do I need to have any of my tooth removed for composite bonding?

No. Your dentist will add layers of composite to the affected tooth without needing to remove any healthy tooth structure.

Can bonded teeth be whitened?

No. If you wish to both whiten your teeth and improve structural aspects of your smile with composite bonding, you will need to have your composite bonding treatment first. This is because whitening agents do not whiten composite resin.

How much is composite bonding?

Please see our fee guide for information on fees for composite bonding. We offer treatment for individual teeth and for patients seeking a full smile makeover with composite bonding.

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